Hi, my name is Nichoel. I’m not a life coach. And this probably goes without saying, but I’m not an aggressive life coach, either. I’m a poker player actually.

Or I was.

For seventeen years. Then Covid hit and casinos were closed down. All of them.

No more poker.
No more job.
Instant life change.

Sounds drastic. And it is. But the truth is, I’ve been ready to start something new in my life for years. To do something different. To do something else. And now it appears the whole world has shut down to assist me in my pursuit.

The problem is, I don’t know what I want to do. Well, not exactly anyway. I have ideas … so many ideas. I’ve started and stopped half of them. I’ve written books to 80% completion and then abandoned them. I’ve purchased numerous web domain names that I’ve never used. I’ve thought of endless products to sell … none which I’ve ever sold. All the while constantly yearning for something more. And feeling all the stress and anxiety that that entails.

Mostly, it’s this feeling of being stuck between where I am and where I want to be. Between who I was and who I am becoming. Between what I used to know about life and what I am starting to believe.

Is this my midlife crisis?


So while I’m not a life coach, I do need one. I need a super aggressive life coach. Like immediately. Someone to tell me to get my shit together. Because what is wrong with me anyway? I guess that’s what I’m on the path to finding out.

The few things that have been consistent throughout my life are my love of:

    • Learning
    • Writing
    • Exploring (adventure/change)

I thought I should start there … with what I know to be true (like Oprah says). And maybe what I know to be true can lead me to what I don’t yet know. Maybe it can lead me to what’s next.

So I’ve committed to this. I’ve committed to starting something. To writing. To learning. To exploring … life (and all that it entails) and myself.

I’ll start right here.
With this blog.

To further my commitment, I have decided to spend the next 100 days writing every single day.

Why 100 days?

    • Because apparently to build a habit you need an average of 66 days. Sometimes much less, sometimes much more.
    • Because 100 sounds like a nice round number.
    • Because why not?

I think the most important part for me is that I just start. I start showing up in my life, rather than just continuously pondering what could be or what might be. I start moving towards that which I want … even if I’m currently unsure (fully) as to what exactly that is.

Glennon Doyle (author of the amazing book, Untamed, as well as my new favorite saying “We can do hard things”) recently said this about writing:

If something is telling you to write, please just write. Head down. Butt in chair. Nothing fancy. Writing isn’t about showing off, it’s about showing ourselves. So we can see each other, for once. So we can all be less afraid.

If you’re like me and at a crossroads in life, feeling stuck between who you are and who you want to be, then maybe it’s time we find our “what’s next” together. What do you know to be true about yourself? What can you commit to that can help lead you to what’s next? Join me?

We can do this.
We can do hard things.
I believe in us.