In elementary school, I stubbornly persisted in questioning our school/parish Monsignor as he, for some reason, was instructing a classroom of young girls in “Family Life” (aka the birds and the bees).

Msgr: Girls go through a change during their early teens.

Me: Why?

Msgr: Because it is part of life.

Me: Why?

Msgr: Here is a graph of the female anatomy (insert pic of naked woman circa 1939).

Me: Yikes!

Also me: Do you think you are the best person to be teaching this?


I asked why A LOT. I still do. It wasn’t necessarily the best quality for a conservative Catholic school girl. But outside of private school, it is a quality that has served me well.

It’s also gotten me into trouble, or disfavor, with those that don’t like that I don’t toe the line. But that’s never really bothered me much.

I believe we should all ask why more.

Why do I consume food/media/alcohol that leaves me feeling worse for the wear?
Why do I listen to negative people when it makes me feel bad?
Why do I fall in love with people that hurt my heart?
Why do I lash out at people when they try to help me?
Why do I forget to be grateful for all the blessings and good I have in my life, but easily feel victimized by the bad?

Because if you’re never asking why, are you being true to yourself?

If you are blindly following rules, toeing the line, living your same life even though you know you want something different, without ever asking why, can you possibly be true to yourself?

And if you’re not true to yourself, are you ever truly happy?

Or are you leaving questions unasked, and offerings of wisdom unvoiced? Are you leaving the good stuff (YOUR good stuff) on the table?

If so, my question to you is … WHY?