This idea that happiness is a one-size-fits all lifestyle is unmanageable, and incorrigible, and all the “ables”.

Perhaps we have spent our youth getting told what will make us happy. Or what we should do to be happy. Or how we should live to be happy.

Perhaps now it’s time for us to actually find out what is true for us. What stirs our souls. What makes us come alive.

We can spend a lifetime doing all the things we think will eventually make us happy, or we can spend the time today to figure out exactly WHO we are, WHAT we want, and HOW we are going to get it.

Maybe it’s time to burn the white picket fence. To release the idea that someone else knows the best path to our own happiness. To decide for ourselves how we are going to live our life. To create our own destinies.

And maybe, somewhere deep inside, we’ve known all along that’s how it’s meant to be.