When I was young I wanted to be a jockey. I wanted to spend the whole day every day with horses, riding them and winning races! I spent my summers at horse camps, first as a camper, then as a counselor. I still think about horses most every day … even though I haven’t ridden one in almost two decades.

When we were young we would dream fantastical, beautiful dreams about life, about ourselves.

Why did we stop?
When did we stop?

Was it as a child when others told us to get our head out of the clouds? Was it when we were teens and others told us that life was hard and we had to start growing up? Was it in our 20s when others told us we had to “get real” and the only way to be successful and happy was to have a certain safe job and a certain safe lifestyle?

When did we become so concerned about safety?
Why did we choose that over our dreams?

I’m pretty sure I never would have become a jockey. In fact, I think I grew past the weight limit in 3rd grade. But I do know that when I knowingly gave up that dream, I also thought I would own horses someday. Now I don’t wonder if I somehow gave up that dream too. Maybe I’m STUCK because I keep settling in life for less than what I desire. Maybe it’s time I remember how to dream again.

Maybe it’s time for you to as well.

In her book Untamed, Glennon Doyle asks:

What is the truest, most beautiful story about your life that you can imagine?

Today I challenge you to dream again. To remember that which your heart calls out for. To remember what you won’t let yourself dream anymore … for fear that you can’t do it / it’s not possible / you’re not good enough / it could never happen.

Today’s Challenge


Then frame it, or fold it into your pocket / purse, or put it somewhere you can see it often. Keep the dream alive.

Love + Hugs,