Everything about you up until now is a product of all that you have seen, heard, been told, and hence believed. If you really want something to ponder over while in the hot tub with a cheap glass of wine later

(please tell me that’s not only me?)

I theorize that that is all we are, at the end of the day … just one big, skin-covered, ball of our beliefs.

For example, some of us believe in a certain political party, or a way to dress, or how to interact with children, while others may believe the exact opposite. And those beliefs directly affect who we arehow we live, and who we continue to become.

Maybe it’s time to question those beliefs. To directly question ourselves as to what we do believe. To unlearn some of what we have learned up to this point. To ensure that our beliefs actually are ours, and not those instilled upon us (by our family, our friends, our society, the educational system, our religion, our workplace, etc.).

What do you believe? And how does it affect how you live? Do you enjoy living the way you do? Are you happy?

If not, maybe it’s time to check your belief system.