I have read numerous blogs and books where the author claims that we should all say NO more. And it never quite resonated with me.

I mean I get it, I do … protect your time and the things that matter by saying NO to the things that don’t. The problem is … I don’t have the problem of saying YES too much.

All I say is NO. Even if I don’t actually verbalize it, my actions scream NO consistently.

NO I don’t want to do that.
NO that would be too stressful.
NO that gives me too much anxiety.
NO that is too scary.
NO I don’t want to get up early even though I know it will give me extra time to do the things I really want to accomplish.
NO I don’t want to sit my butt in a chair and write even though I think it’s actually going to lead me to what’s next in life.
NO I don’t want to go join that club/group because it would give me too much anxiety to talk to new people and put myself out there even though I really want to meet new people.
NO kids don’t climb the tree because you might fall out and hurt yourself and that is too scary and stressful for me to deal with.
NO I can’t consider changing direction in life because I’ve been going in this same direction for a long time and it’s too overwhelming to try to fathom something else.

So instead I’ll just sit at home and distract myself with video games, and/or Netflix, and/or drinking copious amounts of wine.

Less stressful and anxiety-ridden and scary?



Also YES.

I watched the movie Yes Man again yesterday. One of my favorite lines is during the fight scene where a drunk Jim Carrey accidentally punches the wrong guy and says:

Well maybe you need to start being the right guy. That’s why you got punched out. You got the wrong attitude right out of the gate.

It’s hilarious. And also so true. Maybe that’s why it feels like life is punching me out lately. I have the entirely wrong attitude. It’s time for me to become a YES man. It’s time for me to not be lame. It’s time for me to say YES to life.

YES I do want to start writing every day.
YES I do want to commit to a 100 day writing project and hold myself accountable to it by announcing it to every single person I know.
YES I do want to challenge myself to show up more in my life, rather then just sitting on the sidelines waiting for something to happen next.
YES I do want to get UNstuck, because feeling stuck in life is nerve-racking and exhausting.