I first thought seriously about starting an online business after having my daughter (in 2011). She was my first born and I quickly realized that the ideas we have around business and how we work just don’t make sense when you have children. I wanted the freedom to be with my child but also work. To be able to come and go as I please, while also making an income to support my family.

I began to research different ways to start my own online business.

And then I did it. I started my own online business. Many of them actually.

I started them.
And then stopped.
And then started a new one.
And then stopped.

I never actually gained traction with any of them. More than likely, because I never actually put more effort into them after a couple of months.

The funny (or not so funny, as the case may be) thing about it now, is that I see many of those online entrepreneurs who were just starting out back then (in 2011, when I had my daughter, when I attempted and stopped many times myself) …


They are incredibly successful entrepreneurs, many of which making millions of $$ a year.

And to be honest, these people are you and me. They don’t have anything more special or magical then we have. They didn’t have more time than us. They didn’t start with more resources or money than we have.

Because to be honest, that’s what we tell ourselves, right? That we don’t have the resources, or the education, or the money, or the time, or the people to help us … etc. etc. etc.

But also, to be honest, those are just a bunch of excuses.

The people that are successful in life understand the two very simple steps you have to take to get anywhere and to accomplish anything.

  1. They start.
  2. And they keep going.