Physical Fitness

When I was little the world was beginning to discover the need (the absolute necessity, in fact) for daily physical fitness. Especially as more and more people were now going into offices for 8+ hours per day versus working outside on the farms or in the fields. We were becoming more and more sedentary and starting to understand the harmful effects of that lifestyle.

I remember my mom and I wearing our leotards and legwarmers, while laying on our backs on the floor doing scissor kicks to Jane Fonda’s latest workout video on VHS. I remember when jogging became the “thing”. The way too short running shorts were everywhere. Wrist and head bands were “in”. The vote was in … physical fitness was cool.

Mental Fitness

What we are now beginning to understand is that daily mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness, and has been just as lacking in most of our personal lives.

Yoga / deep stretching
Vision work / manifesting

All of these things were looked upon as woo woo or out there a very short time ago. But not anymore.

It used to be that therapy was poo poo’ed as ridiculous, embarrassing, or even elitist. Now we are beginning to understand that mental guidance in an otherwise constantly changing and overwhelming landscape is not only needed, it’s necessary.

And mostly we are learning that when the whole world falls apart, we have to find a way to pull it back together. And that starts with each of us, individually. And no amount of jogging (no matter how cute or short the shorts) will solve that for us. We must solve those problems within.

It’s clear, mental fitness matters.