It’s happening. Do you feel it?

The time is coming for humanity to level up. To evolve. To move beyond the constructs that we ourselves designed. To burn down the boxes that we try to fit each other ever so neatly into.

  • The pretty / ugly box.
  • The stupid / smart box.
  • The wealthy / poor box.
  • The old / young box.
  • The educated / uneducated box.
  • The republican / democrat box.
  • The box where I love people of a different sex.
  • Or the one where I love people of the same.
  • The box where my skin pigment is half a shade darker than yours so I don’t have the privilege you do.
  • Or the one where I weigh more than you so I’m chastised or bullied.
  • The box where I’m a different sex than you so I don’t enjoy the same liberties or acceptance.

And the list goes on and on.

There are so many boxes.

So many.
It’s exhausting trying to keep them all straight.
These boxes confine our minds.
They ensnare our souls.

They limit all that we are and all that we could be.

And sadly we built them.
We built them for ourselves.
So we could live in them.
We choose to live in them.
Maybe we even like it.


Because it’s scary trying to understand it all on our own. So maybe it’s better to live in the box. Where it all makes sense. We need these confines, these rules, these limits to feel safe. To feel power. To feel some semblance of control.

But I know now that while destroying the boxes could be scary

… because everything is so unknown …

What if it’s not?

What if accepting the unknown is the first step on the path to understanding?

What if accepting that we don’t individually have power or control or safety leads us to a greater understanding of what we do have?


And together, bound together, comes a greater understanding of our awesome power (that we haven’t even begun to access).

What could we accomplish if we didn’t limit ourselves?
How would we live?
Who would we be?

What if we destroy the self-made constructs and allow ourselves to evolve into something greater?
Something more.
Something better.

Imagine the world then.