We all have our own path to walk in life and as such, each of our journeys can look incredibly different from one another.

Therefore, when discussing the different stages of awakening, we each could possibly go through many more or different stages then the following. These are the stages that I have experienced (or received brief glimpses of, as the case may be) and they don’t necessarily have to be in linear order. In fact, often times there’s movement from one stage to the next and then back again, over and over, before progressing even further.

I think the point is that we are walking the path, in whichever form it takes for us. Because I think when we do (walk the path), when enough of us do, that is, we begin to evolve as a human race. As we level up our consciousness, so in turn does humanity level up. And I can’t wait to see what we are capable of when humanity evolves to where we are meant to be, into the beings we were designed to become.


Baseline / Sleeping:

  • This is where most of us reside.
  • In this stage we are unconscious and living life on autopilot.
  • Living by the rules of others* / living the dream of others*. We go to a certain school, get a certain job, marry a certain person at a certain time, have the certain number of children, give up on certain dreams, etc. because that is what we should do in order to live a full, safe, and happy life according to others*.
  • We are who others* have said we are / we become who others* say we are. We are too loud, too quiet, too weak, too strong, too soft, too hard, etc.. We take on the form and worth and identity of who we have been told we are.
  • We don’t ask questions. We don’t question ourselves or how we live or why we choose to live the way we do, even while continually anxious, stressed, and unhappy in life.
  • We are a victim to life, not the creator of life.

*Others = society/education/religion/family/friends/etc.


  • We have sudden, surprising, and intense feelings that something is missing or that there is something more to life / have flashes of life not being quite right, or
  • We are becoming more and more uncomfortable in life but are still unsure why.

Questioning / Seeking:

  • We begin asking questions. Who am I? Why am I here? Why am I living in this way when it doesn’t align with what I want/who I am? What is my purpose? What does it all mean?
  • Begin to question our traditions and our laws and our rules that we live by.
  • Other things that used to provide us comfort no longer feel comfortable.

The Inner Journey:

  • This is the stage where we start the journey within / do the inner work / start to decompress and listen to ourselves (access our intuition).
  • The constant questioning (and rebellion even) of the others* during the Seeking stage brought us no comfort, so we begin to understand that healing has to start within ourselves.
  • We begin to understand the duality of life (of everything) – there is no good/evil, black/white, it is all merely existence and like the yin and yang it is all in all of us.
  • May become more emotionally aware, feeling more vulnerable and raw.
  • Start to realize the idea of a false self or ego self and that a higher self

The Outer Journey:

  • As we start to awaken and feel a deep connection with all beings, we also realize that most of humanity is still Sleeping and we want to wake them up too. We want to scream from the mountaintops that we are all made of stars, and love, and light, and that we are literally all one.
  • We soon realize that we all have our own journey as many/most will find us condescending or judgmental or weird or straight loony tunes as we begin to discuss awakening.
  • In turn, we ourselves may become judgmental of people and think poorly of them because they sleep. Which, of course, is directly in conjunction with our egos, and in opposition to the awakening process. Moreover, it doesn’t help with other’s perception of us.
  • We want to heal the world but come to understand that the only way to heal the world is to heal ourselves. And we return within.

Letting Go:

  • May retreat from the outer world for a time.
  • Reflect on and go deeper with our inner work (resolving past traumas, re-parenting ourselves, etc.).
  • Leave behind / let go of those things that are not actually satisfying/true to who we really are: jobs, friendships, religions, cultural beliefs, traditions, family members, etc.
  • Begin to let go of the ego more and more to obtain glimpses of our higher/true self.


  • While also a stage in and of itself, resistance is also a major silent companion that accompanies the entire awakening process and causes major discomfort and unease.
  • We experience this resistance through avoidance, procrastination, numbing (with things like television, partying, drugs, alcohol, sleeping all day), etc.
  • During this stage we begin to feel stuck in life, or in a rut, wanting desperately to make changes and also inexplicably unable to move forward.
  • Note: this resistance is natural and normal (although that doesn’t make us feel any better). The more we are changing, growing, and evolving, the more the universe attempts to maintain its balance through resistance in the opposite direction.

Connection & Disconnection:

  • Inwardly we begin to feel fully connected to everyone (maybe for the first time).
  • Outwardly we feel more disconnected than ever.
  • Loneliness and disassociation is common in this stage.
  • We are beginning to understand the connection between our thoughts and our reality and are beginning to see (get glimpses) that we are the creator or our reality (not a victim to it).

Waking Up:

  • We begin to access our true self / our higher self / our essence / our being.
  • We experience deep peace and harmony.
  • No more seeking or questioning, just a knowing.
  • We are able to let go, surrender, and be present.
  • We experience unconditional self-love and love of all beings.
  • Everything finally makes sense.


  • Life becomes one of empowerment, not of victimhood.
  • We access and live our purpose.
  • We step into our power as creators of our life and create the life we desire.