Keep Going

I first thought seriously about starting an online business after having my daughter (in 2011). She was my first born and I quickly realized that the ideas we have around business and how we work just don’t make sense when you have children. I wanted the freedom to be with my child but also work. To be able to come and go as I please, while also making an income to support my family.


Outside the Box

It’s happening. Do you feel it?

The time is coming for humanity to level up. To evolve. To move beyond the constructs that we ourselves designed. To burn down the boxes that we try to fit each other ever so neatly into.


Stages of Awakening

We all have our own path to walk in life and as such, each of our journeys can look incredibly different from one another.

Therefore, when discussing the different stages of awakening, we each could possibly go through many more or different stages then the following. These are the stages that I have experienced (or received brief glimpses of, as the case may be) and they don’t necessarily have to be in linear order. In fact, often times there’s movement from one stage to the next and then back again, over and over, before progressing even further.