Maybe we grew up thinking we needed …

  • the perfect schooling
  • and the certain job
  • the 2.5 kids
  • and the perfect dog
  • the beautiful spouse
  • and the perfect house (with the white picket fence)

… to find our happiness and fulfill the long sought-after American Dream.

But also maybe now we are learning that we dream our own dreams, create our own destinies, and pursue our own paths to fulfill our soul’s purpose and become who we were always meant to be.

We’ve been told for so long how we should live and the path we should take. We don’t understand why, when we listen, we’re not happy.

Because these paths aren’t meant for us.

We are meant to walk our own path. To live our own purpose. And only through that, do we find our meaning.

The American Dream is a beautiful dream for sure. But it doesn’t mean it has to be yours. Or mine.

It’s time to dream our own dreams.