When the willow sways
and the creek runs deep.
Where the owl soars
and the swallows sleep.

You’ll find it about
neither here nor there.
Under boulders or over hills
it’s everywhere.

Run fast dear friend
it’ll be here soon.
Run fast and don’t look back
for it’s stronger by the light of the moon.

Uncertainty and fear
are creeping in.
Just when you’re sure you’ve got it all figured out
it’s back again.

What is it? you ask
What is this beast?
And how do I defeat it before it surely does feast?

On me or my family
and this life that we’ve made.
I must prevent this
certainly there’s something I can trade.

From out of the depths
there came a reply.
In order to defeat me
all you need do is try.

Fight for your life
and your rightful place therein.
For it is only then
that you can truly begin.

Take on step
no matter how small.
Just start moving forward
in any direction at all.

Get up, it said
get up out of bed.
Taking ownership and action
goes a long way towards removing me from your head.

Because I’m always here
I’m always close by.
And I’ll be your joy at a minimum and your life unsettled
if you just let me try.

Ok, I said
ok, I see.
I’m always one action away
from who I want to be.

I did not succumb
no not that day.
I’ve managed for my part
to keep the unsettling away.

But it never travels far
nor does it stray.
It continues to lurk about
waiting for another day.