I think we need three things in life:

Purpose / Meaning

  • That which serves the soul.
  • Our WHY – our reason we were born, what we were made to do.
  • Often difficult because we don’t allow ourselves to dream / believe in our dreams / believe in ourselves / live the life we know with our entire being (if we allow ourselves to listen) we are meant to live.


  • True connection with others at a deep and soulful level.
  • Our tribe of people that understand, accept, and unconditionally love us.
  • Often hard to find because we don’t allow ourselves to be authentic. We are scared to let our guard down and/or have the vulnerability true connection demands.


  • At the end of the day everything begins and ends with love. The need to be seen and heard and validated is simply our desire to give and receive love at the deepest level.
  • Often hard because we don’t realize that to love starts within (with ourselves). And we make our own self-love conditional – based on how we look, how we feel, how much money we have, how successful we feel we are, etc. If we can’t first love ourselves, how can we love others?