Have you ever noticed what a fresh perspective can do for a day?

For instance, if you have been sitting around in your pajamas all day watching television and eating bon-bons and now realize it is 4:00 in the afternoon and you have simply done nothing but waste the day and begin to get the whoa is me feeling and “Where did the day go?” thoughts roll through your head, you ever notice how a little brisk walk somehow changes your entire perspective on the day? After some fresh air and a quick shower, all of sudden at 5:00 PM we are ready to begin the day and start creating something or doing anything.

Now I’m not quite certain anyone really eats bon bons anymore (if they ever did) but I am quite certain that I have spent many a day watching the 24 hour Halloween movie marathon or HGTV’s latest home remodel specials. And having done said activities for quite a few days in a row (really, it’s a sad fact) I would begin to wonder why my life is boring while others are so active and engaging. Or how others have the time to start a new and exciting venture while I can barely find time to brush my teeth.

It is just when I have wallowed so efficiently in my own self-pity and really begun to think the world is entirely bleak that I need to tilt my head and try viewing in from a different angle.

Perhaps sitting around in my pajamas or sweats all day really is not conducive to leading a productive life?

Perhaps if I really wanted to create something, watching the television for hours on end will not assist me in that process?

Perhaps if I started each day with some motivation (whether physical, emotional, or spiritual) I may actually kickstart the creative processes within myself?

Perhaps when the world around me is beginning to look bleak and dim, I need to tilt my head and try a new perspective.