It’s a journey.

It’s our most important life journey. The journey to freedom. The journey where we break free of living in restriction and limitation. Where we break free of a life bound by rules of our own design, most of which don’t even make sense to ourselves. It’s the journey from the unconscious dream state, the life lived on autopilot and as victim to circumstance, to a fully conscious awakened state where we live on purpose and consciously create our own existence.

It’s a remembering.

It’s a remembering of who we are and what we are capable of. A remembering of who we were born to be, who we have always been, before we were told who we should be, what we should do, how we should live. It’s remembering of our own magic within and the ability to use it to guide our life. A remembering of our direct purpose and reason for being and the ability to share that gift with the world.

It’s an understanding.

It’s an understanding that we’re spiritual beings living a human existence, not the other way around. An understanding that the God and religion and truth and love and all the answers we seek can all be found right where we are … can be found within. An understanding that we are all made of stars, and light, and love. We are all pieces of the universe, and we are all the same. It’s an understanding that we are all one.

It’s a freedom.

When we awaken, we free ourselves from the bounds that we designed. We free ourselves from the personal suffering we inflict on ourselves within our own minds. We free ourselves to experience a life filled with joy and understanding and love. We free ourselves to live the life were meant to live.