We often say we don’t know in life.

We don’t know how to do something.
We don’t know how to get somewhere.
We don’t know what we want.
We just don’t know.

But what if we do?
What if we already know the answer?
What if we’re just too afraid to speak it out?

Because maybe we won’t get it. Maybe we’ll fail. Maybe someone will say no. Maybe it will be too hard. Maybe it will be costly. Maybe it will mean leaving our comfort zones.

So many maybes.

The fact of the matter is, we already know the answer. We do.

It’s quit the job
or leave the person
or move to that other place/house/state/country
or accept the offer
or decline the offer
or start the new project
or move on
or say good-bye
or do that thing we’ve always wanted to do.

Whatever it is … you already know. We all do.

It’s in you. Don’t be afraid to let it out.