The first step in getting anything we want is first deciding what exactly it is that we actually want.


“That’s so silly.”

“What are you even talking about?”

“I know exactly what I want.”


Do you though? Are you sure?


Have you actually DECIDED what exactly you want? We often want so many things …


The house

The car

The kids

A raise at the job

A new job altogether

A husband/wife

More time (to travel, relax, do more, etc.)

Less stress

Learn to meditate

Learn to salsa

Become fluent in a new language

Teach yoga

etc. etc. etc.


How many items do we have on our list of things we want??? It’s no wonder we never get any of them.


Maybe if we DECIDE … with precision and clarity, on what it is we really want … we have a chance of actually getting it.


Maybe if we narrow down our list of wants to the one thing we truly desire and make a plan to get that ONE thing, maybe we have a chance of actually getting it.


Maybe, just maybe, all we have ever had to do is … DECIDE.